Mirela Mirić

Lund University

Curriculum Vitae

I am Mirela Mirić from Zagreb, Croatia. After gaining my bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering in Croatia I pursued a master’s degree in general biology at Lund university. There I had a chance to investigate the evolutionary history of Zygaenidae, burnet moths, by inferring their molecular phylogeny and carrying out timing of divergence analysis. Currently I am a PhD student working on a project where I will be exploring the biology of sloth moths. More precisely I will investigate their phylogeny, chemical ecology and pheromone production, under the supervision of Dr Marcus Stensmyr (LU), Dr Christer Löfstedt (LU), Dr Bill S Hansson (MPI), Dr Jadranka Rota (LU), and Dr Niklas Wahlberg (LU). The title of my project is:

Does moth life on sloth please them both?

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