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October 31, 2022

Postdoc position in structure biology within the Max Planck centre nGICE (posted October 31, 2022)


The Department of Molecular Sciences at SLU, has an open position for a postdoc in structure biology within the Max Planck nGICE research program; Within this research program the enrolled postdoc will structurally study odorant receptors and find structural explanations for why variations of these changes the behavior and host preference of mosquitoes.

The Max Planck Centre, next Generation Insect Chemical Ecology (nGICE) is a high-level research cooperation between SLU, Lund University and the Max Planck Society. The nGICE Centre focuses on the consequences of global climate change on insect ecosystem services, outbreaks of invasive insect species and the spread of disease vectors in Europe through the lens of insect chemical communication systems. 

The structure biology group is part of the Department of Molecular Sciences, SLU. The department has ca. 110 employees, and together with four other departments it forms a highly inspiring research environment at the BioCenter on campus Ultuna in Uppsala. The department conducts research, teaching and environmental monitoring in the areas of inorganic, physical and organic chemistry, biochemistry, natural product chemistry, food science and microbiology. For further information about the department and its research activities carried out there visit us at:

With rising temperatures, increasing pollution and extreme water conditions, the Anthropocene is seeing range expansions, contractions and outright migration of a wide variety of species, resulting in new inter- and intra-specific contacts, with the potential to create super-vectors of disease. Such a range expansion of two Culex pipiens biotypes has resulted in hybrid offspring that are seriously effective bridge vectors of West Nile virus. While each parent is either strongly ornithophilic or anthropophilic, the hybrid offspring are both, making them superb bridge vectors. This system provides an excellent opportunity to understand the role that structural variation of the odorant receptors plays in shaping the natural host preference of mosquitoes.

As part of the nGICE research program, we are searching for an experienced and highly dedicated young structural biologist to join us in establishing a pipeline to determine the structure of mosquito odorant receptors by Cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography.

Work duties

The recruited postdoc will be working in a challenging, but highly rewarding, research project with the aim to reach a deeper molecular and structural understanding of mosquito odorant receptor function.

In addition to structure biology research work on odorant receptors, the postdoc will also design expression vectors for recombinant protein production, and carry out protein expression and purification.

The enrolled postdoc will have a home base in the structure biology group at the Department of Molecular Sciences, but will throughout the project work in close contact with and visit the home institutes of all researchers enrolled in the nGICE program.


The postdoc candidate should have a doctoral degree in protein structure biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology or equivalent. Research experience after receiving a doctoral degree (ca. 1-3 years) is preferred. The applicant shall have well-documented competence in the structure biological study of proteins, preferably of membrane proteins, either by X-ray crystallography or Cryo-EM. Experience with molecular biological methods and biophysical characterization of soluble and membrane proteins are preferred. Strong communication skills in oral and written English is a requirement.

Additional merits

Personal metaskills, in addition to technical proficiency and competence, including strong skills in collaboration, organization, responsibility and supervision of students and colleagues are of great importance. We are looking for a highly motivated candidate who is interested in pursuing academic research in the forefront of this research area, and we place great emphasis on the personal qualities of a suitable candidate for the position.

The position is intended for a junior researcher and we are primarily looking for people who have completed their doctorate no more than three years ago.

Place of work


Form of employment

Two year Postdoc position, with the possibility of one year extension


Full time

Project support

Fully funded

Starting date

2022-12-01, or according to agreement


We welcome your application no later than 2022-11-22 by clicking on the “Apply” button in the original announcment at SLU.

Specific documents to be attached to the application: (1) PhD certificate, (2) CV, (3) a description of research experience, (4) a statement of scientific interests, as well as (5) contact information of two references.


Contact persons

Mats Sandgren
Associate Professor, group leader
+46 (0)18 673179

Rickard Ignell
Professor, Head of department
+46 (0)40-415311


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