Dr. Nan-Ji Jiang

Postdoctoral Researcher
Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology

Curriculum Vitae

I am Nan-Ji Jiang from China. I got my Bachelor's degree at the College of Life Sciences, Hebei Normal University. I hold a PhD in Cell Biology (with the successive master-doctor program) conducted at the State Key Laboratory of Integrated Pest Management, Institute of Zoology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS). Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Max Planck Centre next Generation Insect Chemical Ecology (nGICE) under the supervision of Dr Markus Knaden (MPI), Dr Bill S Hansson (MPI) and Dr Christer Löfstedt (LU).  I will be investigating the pheromone communication of Drosophila species under increased levels of ozone in the project:

How do increased levels of ozone affect pheromone communication in different Drosophila species?

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