Melissa Diaz-Morales

Doctoral Researcher
Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology

Curriculum Vitae

I am Melissa Díaz-Morales. I am from Costa Rica, where I obtained a BS in Biology and a specialization degree in Botany, both from the University of Costa Rica (UCR), where I also worked as a researcher at the Lankester Botanical Garden and as a professor in the Biology School. Currently, I am a Doctoral Researcher at the Max Planck Center next Generation Insect Chemical Ecology (nGICE) under the supervision of Dr Bill S Hansson and Dr Markus Knaden from the Department of Evolutionary Neuroethology at the MPI-CE and Dr Peter Anderson at SLU Alnarp, Sweden. In my work, I want to explore the effect of the Hopkins’ host selection principle in Drosophila flies to try to answer if flies can retain memory along their life stages. In the project:

Evaluation of the Hopkins’ Host Selection Principle in Drosophila flies

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